The Path of Parenting

A Spiritual, Practical and Everyday Approach to Parenting by Barbara Sachs

The Path of Parenting

The Path of Parenting is a method of bringing conscious awareness to parenting that develops a spiritual understanding and essential wisdom rather than relying on unconscious conditioning. Through this spiritual approach to parenting you will learn how to better understand your children through learning to more fully understand yourself and the human condition.

Parenting is Difficult

We are given no formal education to prepare us for this profound undertaking. There are few training programs readily available. Most of us know almost nothing about it, yet we are expected to be successful on the first try. We want desperately to do our best, to raise our children to be happy, healthy, loving and satisfied adults. But, we often end up tired, discouraged, and distanced from our children.

The Purpose of The Path of Parenting

The Purpose of The Path of Parenting is to help parents understand a child's psychological and spiritual growth; mirror and support the child's emerging Self and his or her potential. Learn how and why parenting is a continual process of coming together and letting go, an ever-changing and exciting process in which both we and our children play key roles.

Spiritual Parenting may not be new to some, but it is long overdue in our society. This approach helps participants to become mature, whole people who can be happy, socially responsible, and at peace with themselves. This is reached by listening and connecting to one's true inner nature and then acting from this deeper nature.

We work with basic, inherent truths and tenets that can be found in every tradition - religious and non-religious backgrounds; nuclear families; grandparents; single-parent; and same-sex families.







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"I want to inspire parents to recognize that the only instrument we have is ourselves and so we need to continually refine ourselves until we know who we are in our depth and be able to connect and live from this depth as often as we can."